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You know how, some days, everything just compounds and piles on you? Until you get to the stage where you're frustrated and feeling hemmed in and have used up your entire store of patience for the day? It always gets like that for me during the last few shopping days before christmas.

It doesn't often get like that for me by 8am. But, today....

At the bus stop I'm currently catching the bus there is meant to be a bus at 20 past, 25 past, and half past. This morning there was one at 7.19 (I missed it), another at 7.20 (which I also missed) ... and THREE at 7.32. It's been doing this for a week or longer. You'd think by now I'd manage to get myself out of the house and to the bus stop in time for the 20 past bus, but ... No. It doesn't seem to be happening. And today it frustrated me.

Then, on the bus I did get on, the stop before mine it pulled in at an angle in front of another bus, and the driver beeped at the one in front to let him further in or out or something. Okay, fair enough. EXCEPT that at the stop I get off at, another bus pulled in front of mine at an angle, and after all the passengers had gotten off he beeped and beeped and beeped for the bus in front of him to let him out. Completely forgetting that two minutes ago he'd been doing exactly the same thing.

*parp!* *parp!* *parp!*

And the sound was so blaring and noisy and so NOT a morning sound that it just closed me in on myself some more.

It's not going to be a good day if I've lost my patience stock before 8am...
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